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Dr. John Llewellyn
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  • Almost ten years in academia (University of Cambridge); 

  • Seventeen years in international public service (OECD); and 

  • Fourteen years in the corporate sector (Lehman Brothers), 


Dr. Llewellyn is a principal in Llewellyn Consulting, which specialises in macroeconomics, climate change, technological change, political economy, and financial economics. Other activities: 

  • Member, Advisory Panel, Office for Budget Responsibility 

  • Trustee, Council of National Institute of Economic and Social Research 

  • Expert witness in personal injury cases, including: Thomson v Thomson (Supreme Court of Bermuda); X Children v Minister for Health and Social Services (Royal Court of Jersey); and Swift v. Carpenter (UK Court of Appeal) 


Dr. Llewellyn, a New Zealander, received his undergraduate degree at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and his Doctorate at the University of Oxford. In 1970 he was appointed a Research Officer in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Cambridge. From 1972 he was a Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge, and in 1974 he was appointed Assistant Director of Research in the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge. 

He then spent seventeen years at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, where he led international economic forecasting and policy analysis; was editor of the OECD Economic Outlook, then Deputy Director for Social Affairs, Manpower and Education, and finally Head of the Secretary-General’s Private Office. 

From 1995 to 2008 he was at Lehman Brothers, first as Chief Economist Europe, then as Global Chief Economist, and finally as Senior Economic Policy Advisor. For three years from 2008 John was an advisor to H. M. Treasury. 

Dr. Llewellyn has published widely. Reports and books include: 

  • Decarbonisation: future growth of manufacturing (with Preston Llewellyn and Dimitri Zenghelis), the Manufacturing Technologies Association, Summer 2020 

  • Maintaining Stable Macroeconomic conditions (with Russell Jones), National Institute Economic Review, Sage, November 2019 

  • Improving Infrastructure (with Russell Jones) and National Institute Economic Review, Sage, November 2019 

  • Reducing inequalities (with Russell Jones) National Institute Economic Review, Sage, November 2019 

  • “Let the numbers speak” in World Trade Matters, Institute of Exports and International Trade, Winter 2017/18 

  • Enhancing the ability of UK SMEs to export (with Camille Viros and Preston Llewellyn), TheCityUK, 2015 

  • Financing Europe’s Investment and Economic Growth (with Russell Jones and Bimal Dharmasena), City of London Corporation, June 2014. 

  • The changing face of Asia Pacific (with Russell Jones and Preston Llewellyn), Puma Energy, February 2014 

  • The changing face of Africa (with Ben Combes and Preston Llewellyn), Puma Energy, October 2013 

  • UK Infrastructure: the challenges for investors and policymakers (with R Jones), Pension Insurance Corp, 2013 

  • The changing face of the oil industry (with Betsy Hansen and Preston Llewellyn), Puma Energy, June 2013 

  • Financing European growth: The challenge for markets, policymakers, and investors (with Bimal Dharmasena), Association for Financial Markets in Europe, August 2012 

  • The Political Economy of Climate Change Mitigation Policies (with Alain de Serres and Preston Llewellyn), OECD Economics Department Working Paper No. 887, September 2011 

  • Europe will work (with Peter Westaway), Nomura, March 2011 

  • The Ascent of Asia (with Lavinia Santovetti), Nomura, February 2010 

  • The Business of Ageing (with Camille Chaix-Viros), Nomura, November 2008 

  • India: everything to play for (with Rob Subbaraman, Alastair Newton, Sonal Varma), Lehman Brothers, 2007 

  • The Business of Climate Change II (with Camille Chaix), Lehman Brothers, September 2007 

  • The Business of Climate Change (with Julia Giese and Camille Chaix), Lehman Brothers, February 2007 

  • “Prospects for Iraq: Some Lessons from History, (with John Dew), Lehman Brothers, 2004 

  • Economic Policies for the 1990s, (ed. with S.J. Potter), Blackwell, 1991 

  • Economic Forecasting and Policy – the International Dimension (with S.J. Potter and L.W. Samuelson), Routledge & Kegan Paul, June 1985 


May 2021 

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